Blog overhaul

OMGWTFZ everything changed!

Yup! This blog started March 2013 and has been doing pretty well for itself. So I decided it was time for a complete overhaul and something new.

What changed?

I moved the site over from to a WordPress installation, changed my hosting provider for all my domains, e-mail and websites (Went from the American PowWeb to the Dutch TransIP).

TransIP logo

Today I worked in importing  all my posts from blogger and converting them to WordPress, the media is still a bit of an ongoing process and hopefully I was able to fix all the permalinks! If you can’t find a certain post, please try the search to find it, they should all be here!wordpress

I haven’t worked with blogging software for quite a while (back in the day I used to have a joomla blog at some point) so it was a bit of a challenge.joomla

Most of the stuff is working now and soon I will fix the rest, so if anything is broken right now, I probably already know. 😉

The future?

I’m not yet sure where this blog is heading. I have a lot of ideas and as some of you already noticed, I have been experimenting with making videos lately. The future will probably be a combination of writing blog articles and making videos to express all the stuff I wish to say.

I will probably be posting a bit more about the house we are building soon, and I’m not yet done with my current “phone charger” series of posts.

Hopefully the transition to the new software and layout won’t be too hard and I’ll work on getting you guys more content!

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