Metal keycaps for your keyboard

My Ducky Shine 2 keyboard was starting to show some wear, especially around the WASD keys. So I looked around and I ordered some (real) metal keycaps!

Short review

I got the keycaps from my favorite online shop Aliexpress. If you are interested in getting the same, take a look over here.

They are available in Silver or Gold (more expensive) and make sure you get the transparant kind to let the backlight shine through.

Metal keycaps 3If the rest of the keyboard is black they really stand out!


A video is worth a thousand words they say, so here is the video. It also includes some nice pans and close up shots to really get a good look!


The keycaps look awesome. But as you could hear from the video, it does change the feel of the key together with the sounds that the key makes. For me this takes a bit of an adjustment but I don’t think it’s going to take long or that it’s really a problem. They just feel and sound a bit different but the typing experience is pretty much the same.

Metal keycaps 1They look great with the yellow backlight giving the keys a gold glow

Funny fact, since they’re real metal they can feel cold to the touch when you start using them. 😉

But if you want to “pimp” your keyboard, this is a really nice way to do it. Depending on the light the keycaps look anywhere from nice to awesome! Again, if you’d like to buy it yourself, take a look over here.

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