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CM11: Insert SD card / Cannot write to Storage

I’m a big promoter of ‘community’ driven Android ROM’s and in particular Cyanogenmod. For one reason or another all of my Android devices end up running Cyanogenmod sooner or later, stock ROM’s just don’t cut it, don’t get updated in time or are even just horrible with bloatware and other nonsense. But once in a while doing a flash I encounter a bug which Cyanogenmod/CWM or at least, something goes wrong. If you know what is going on, it’s easy to fix though, let me explain!

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Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge

Once in a while you look for a solution to a problem and you find that a company has actually made something that works perfectly for you. The Plantronics Voyager Edge is such a product. From the moment I started using it, it surprised me in ease of use and quality. Read on to find out why!

p.s. This will be a quick and dirty review of my experience.

The cradle with the headset docked
Picture borrowed from Phone Arena

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