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Home Networking: First walk through on the build site

As some might know, we’ve been building a house for a while now. We’re now into it about 1 year and I thought it would be nice to show a video of how things are progressing and also showcase some of the “features” that are going into the house.

So, introducing the Home Networking series 1st post and video! The home networking series will be my journey starting from scratch, creating the plans, having the house built and installing everything to try and create the ultimate home setup. I’ll take you with me, share the good and the bad and hopefully some some fun going along! Continue reading Home Networking: First walk through on the build site

A guide to iperf (network metering)

Both for my work and private tinkering I often have the need to do bandwith tests over a network connection. Sometimes it’s troubleshooting ethernet connections up to 10Gbit, sometimes it’s testing an internet line, a WiFi link or actual real-world VPN throughput potential. Whatever the case I often need a good mutli-platform bandwith testing tool.

For this I use a program called “iperf” and while it can be a bit daunting at first with a little know-how it’s actually pretty easy! Read on to find out how to use it in a variety of situations: 

A perfect Gigabit connection

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