Tutorial: Foldersync

I thought I would do a quick tutorial about a tool I use each day called: FolderSync! Maybe it’s something you needed but never knew about!

What does it do?

The function of FolderSync is pretty simple, it ¬†does what the name implies, it sync’s folders. In my use case I use it to “backup” folders from my Android device to my NAS.

It’s a one way sync so if I delete files (photos/videos) from my phone they are still kept on my server. That way I don’t ever have to worry about losing any photos I took that day, etc.

FolderSync Video tutorial

Please take a look at the video tutorial for more details.

One thought on “Tutorial: Foldersync”

  1. Hello!
    I saw your youtube video from 2016 about Foldersync. I can’t figure out how to connect Samsung S10+ to MyCloudEx2Ultra. The app has changed in recent years and the account variant “SMB/CIFS” can no longer be found in it. How can I still connect both devices?

    Thanks in advance!

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