Full Load Review: TOPK 3 port LED Night Light charger

While looking around for interesting chargers, I came across this TOPK charger which has a built-in night light. Often, combined products fail at the multiple tasks they set out to do so I decided to order one and test it out. The results surprised me!

Video review

As always, let’s start off with doing a video review of this charger. I’ve tried to at least make the intro a bit funny, hopefully you find it entertaining and useful to watch!

Charger Specifications

This charger is a 3 port charger with an output op 3.4A max on the box. It has no special Quick Charge or any other functionality listed, other then the “auto id” power regulation it says it has.

Well, we’ll see about that. 😉

Testing results

Whether you watched the video or not, here are the testing results!

Single port tests

This charger has 3 ports, but they are internally all shared. This also shows in the single port test:

Basically, the charger is able to deliver up to 4A (Max of my load) while sustaining a very stable voltage. Nothing to complain about here, excellent even! This charger should be able to power a Raspberry Pi 3+ without issue!

Multi-port tests

2 port test

Let’s try adding a 2A load to one port and then measuring another one with my tester:

Well, that didn’t change anything at all? Great result, voltage remains stable throughout and again we hit the limit of our tester before the charger gives up!

3 port test

Let’s add another 2A load for 2x2A load + my tester:

Ok, that again seems to do excellently. Once we reach 2A (+4A) the charger shuts off and enters hiccup mode until power draw is lowered. Excellent, that’s my favorite type of signaling that you are overdrawing the unit!

I wonder, would running the night light at max output make a change? Let’s see:

And indeed, we see a slight change. Instead of reaching the full 2A on my tester, it fell short at about 1.9A. That means the internal power supply is unable to deliver more then 6A and has been regulated to go into hiccup mode if anything is drawn above that! Very nice!

Temperature and length load tests

For the temperature and length load test results, please the video!

Shopping links

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TOPK 3 port LED Night Light charger

Equipment used

USB Extension cable

AC Socket Measuring

PR10-C EU16A Power logger

USB Measuring

Fancy USB power logger with bluetooth and software

Simple USB power logger

USB Load

Fancy USB Load with logging and app

Simple USB variable load


This charger!! This charger did so much better than I expected it would! As I started out saying, often these “night light” devices are utter trash. But not this guy, this is a very competent charger with a nice and well executed night light feature built-in.

The charger also features verified overdraw protection and temperature protection. Although delivering a maximum draw of 6A, it won’t be able to sustain that longer than a few minutes, but something like 4A is no problem!

I don’t have anything bad to say about it really. It only costs around 10$ on Aliexpress and for that price it’s a steal really. If you are looking for a good and powerful charger and like the night light feature, I can  definitely recommend picking one up: TOPK 3 port LED Night Light charger

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