Review: Edifier S1000DB speakers

I’ve been using some crappy Philips speakers in my garage for the longest time now. Since I often sit there for quite a while to tinker and record videos, I like listening to music. Time for an upgrade!

Video review

Video review with some sound samples, as much good as that does… (or not) 😛

Written review?

No written review? Nope, there have been other people out there who have made much better written reviews then I can whip up about speakers, so I suggest you check those out instead!

Shopping links

(All links provide a choice between Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay)

Edifier S1000DB
Optical Cable
Coaxial Cable
Jack to RCA Cable
RCA to RCA Cable

I think the interconnect cables are 5 pin DIN MIDI connector cables but I’m not 100% sure. I did see that Edifier themselves sell this cable in multiple lengths, so that is your best bet!


A great pair of speakers for a great price. If you can get them for 400$ or 400 euro, it’s a good deal. If you can get them cheaper then that (Like I managed to do on Aliexpress), certainly go for it!

2 thoughts on “Review: Edifier S1000DB speakers”

  1. These speakers sound great and i really dig the look of them. They would fit right in in my apartment with that dark wood look. Is it real wood?

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