Intermittent Technology 2019 update

It’s been a bit quiet around here, there are two main reasons for that. The first is that I’ve been focussing on my YouTube channel a lot, the second is that I’ve been putting time and energy in creating a new website

YouTube channel

As most of the readers here are aware, I’ve been working on my YouTube channel for a few years now. I still really enjoy doing so but making videos cost a lot of time and most often I can’t do both an article and a video.

So after the last few months I’ve only been writing articles for the content that comes over better in written form! Sometimes in conjunction with a video but still.

I’ve been publishing a lot of content about IP cameras recently, go take a look:

So, this blog/website isn’t dead, just more video topics lately. More content this year, no worries!

Secondly I’ve been busy creating new version of the QuinLED dimmer. A lot of work went into creating these and to segregate the content a little bit and not let it take over this whole website again I’ve done so using a new website on !

There you can find everything related to the new boards, what you need to build them and guides to do so. Also lots of articles with side information about LED strip, quality of lighting, why to use 24v instead of 12v, etc. etc. Go check it out!

Discord Channel

The last thing I wanted to update everyone on is that there now is a Intermittent Technology discord channel!

Conversing on a real-time medium such as Discord is a lot more interactive then YouTube or blog comments. I invite everyone who enjoys my work to join us there and join in on fun projects and everything related to those subjects!

Join us here:


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