Live review: Magnetic charging cables

A while back TechMoan (a fellow YouTuber) did a video about magnetic charging cables. I thought it was a great video but he didn’t do any actual measurements, so, I did!

Live Video Review

I did a live video review again but with a little twist. For the people not interested in the whole testing process and the exact numbers, I have a quick section in the beginning where I basically reveal what the results of the tests are. After that, there is a longer part where I take you along while testing all the cables. Check it out!

Shopping links to the cables

If you want to buy one or maybe even a few of these charging cables (it works best if you have a few, one for all the places you charge your phone since the plug stays inside of the phone).

If you watched the video, I will list them in order of being worth buying.

Best tested

  1. WSKEN X-Cable Mini 2 magnetic charging cable for Android or iPhone
  2. Micro-USB Magnetic Adapter or iPhone Magnetic Adapter

Remember, with the adapter it all dependsĀ on what cable you combine it with. Take a look at at this post about charging cables.


A bit worse, but still ok

Moving on we get to the lesser quality cables according to my tests. Still, I wouldn’t call these horrible, especially for the price.

  1. Magnetic Micro-USB charging cable
  2. Magnetic USB-C charging cable
  3. Magnetic iPhone charging cable


Other than these I really can’t recommend any other versions. Looking aroundĀ on Amazon and Aliexpress cheaper cables can definitely be found but as we saw in the video, the quality is related to the price.


If you are looking for a decent magnetic charging cable, they are certainly out there but take care and get a decent one. The cheap one’s will only disappoint and frustrate you in the end.

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  1. Thank you! This is the information I’ve asked the Internet for. I bought one magnetic cable for my ipad and it was only ok because the magnet was low strength. I want one for my phone, and this has helped me.

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