Clean your computer or it might EXPLODE!

Well that title is very clear. This article links to my video I made about computer cleaning!


Most of the stuff I want to go through is mentioned in the video, so have a look at it here:

Will it really explode?

Well, no. Or rather, it’s highly unlikely that your computer will explode or catch fire, not impossible, but very highly unlikely. Still there are other reasons why it’s a good idea to clean out your computer¬†every¬†now and then.


Since your computer uses fans, it sucks in cold air and blows out hot air. During that process dust also gets sucked into your computer and can start to build-up. If this is left for too long, dust will start clogging up the fins on your heatsinks or even the fans themselves.

This will lead to overheating and more noise (Fans spin faster because it’s not cooling like it did before and since there is also dust on the fans this makes them less balanced).

The solution

Luckily the solution is quite simple, just blow out the dust every now and then (I suggest doing so every 6 months or so) and you’ll be set. It will keep your computer running in tip top shape and at peak performance levels!

In the video I used a Denver Datavac you can buy it on amazon (US) here (110v version) or European 220v using ebay.

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