Home Networking: Third walkthrough

It’s been a few months since the last walkthrough, so let’s take you through the house again and show you what’s changed since last time!

Video walkthrough

I could tell you everything in text, but in this case, a video will really do a much better job, take a look!

Lots of progress, some setbacks

Although progress has been good, we are dealing with a slight setback. Originally we were planning on moving in at the end of November/beginning of December but our windows have been delayed by a whole month. Because of that, we might not make it this year, but we are certainly still going to try!

Other than that, progress is going well. The roofs are on and even the solar panels are on! The walls have been hacked open to put the electric and networking piping in and that will be done soon too. On the outside, the last of the paneling is being done.


Technical content?

I’m sorry this series has turned more into a “we’re building a house” then a try home networking series. But don’t fear, pretty soon I’ll be able to start with pulling my cables and such and that is definitely what I intended to show during this series. How I’m building the home network completely from scratch to the finished setup and everything in between! So if you are hanging around for that, don’t fear, it’s coming!

Questions or comments?

Your questions or comments are always welcome here or on YouTube!

5 thoughts on “Home Networking: Third walkthrough”

  1. Hi,
    nice house. What will you use as smoke detectors? It would be nice if there where connected Z-wave device’s with temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion detection sensors in it. But I have not found them on the market. Maybe a suggestion for a new project?

    1. Yeah, that would be awesome! I’ve decided to go with 220v attached Nest Protect smoke detectors. They have lots of features inside of them but I don’t know if an external software package (such as a Domotica system) would be able to “extract” that data too. It will be interesting to find out. 🙂

  2. In my home from 2009 I have 11 Firex model PADC240 smoke detectors on 220v all connected to each other. And they have a battery backup. If one battery fails all 11 detectors go off … Always in the middle of the night. And that happens in the whole neighbourhood. 🙂
    The Nest Protect are expensive but have smoke, CO2 and motion sensors in it and I am not sure but maybe a temperature sensor. Domoticz have a basic implementation for the Nest products (thermostat and protect). So it looks that the Nest Protect is the best option for now. I wait until my current sensors are 10 years old. Than I have to replace them.

  3. I think the local building regulations changed once more so we now not have to use smoke detectors in every room, but only in the central transit area’s in the house.
    So that would mean one per floor i assume. Than the nest units become affordable enough as option for me also.

    1. Yeah, that’s right. I the end I needed 5 smoke detectors. 3 downstairs (garage, kitchen, hallway), 1 on the first floor (in the middle of the hall) and 1 in the attic (also in a small hallway).

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