What do I do with all those phone chargers?

Since I’ve started reviewing phone chargers and cables people have asked me what I do with all those phone chargers? Well, easy, I’m preparing for the phone charger apocalypse! Should you?

Phone charger apocalypse? WTF?

So how do you prepare for a phone charger apocalypse waiting to happen? Quite easy! Watch my video and you’ll be fully prepared.

How can you prepare?

Well, to survive, first off, start by getting a few phone chargers! Those USB charging ports come in handy for all kinds of survival equipment (I’ll list some below)!

A few awesome models to consider are:

I’m currently not reviewing power banks. Would you guys be interested in seeing tests about those? Let me know in the comments (here or on YouTube).

If you want some links to good one’s, check out these:

Accessories to use those chargers!

Well, now that you have a phone charger or rather high-powered USB ports handy everywhere, what else then charging a phone can you do with them?

USB Light

USB lights come in all kind of shapes and sizes, they are limited by the amount of power they can draw but since LEDs have become a lot more energy efficient over the years they can now output a very decent and certainly usable amount of light!

Mini USB LED Light

Mini USB 6LEDs PCB light

10M 100LED Fairy Lights 5V USB

USB Bedroom LED Vibration Sensor Scarecrow Night Light


Just like the USB LED lights, USB fans also come in all kind of shapes and sizes. They can provide the breeze of cool air just where you need them, very important during an apocalypse!

Portable Flexible USB Mini Fan

USB Portable Rechargeable Mini Fan
USB Mini Flexible Time LED Clock Fan

 Random other USB tools you might need

Here are some other USB tools which can be useful when your in a pinch! A perfect example, I’ve used a USB re-chargable shaver in the car for when you forget and you are going to that important client in the morning!

USB Rechargeable Men’s Electric Shaver

Mini USB Fridge

Computer USB Warmer for Coffee or Tea

USB Foot Warmer Shoes

Mini Turbo USB Vacuum Cleaner


Well, that should provide just about anyone with enough USB tools and accessories to survive the phone charger apocalypse!

So now you know why I have and test all these phone chargers. 😉

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