Snake leather USB charging cable

Since I enjoy testing USB charging cables I got a fancy looking “snake leather” one! Let’s see how well it does!

Live style video review

I set up the camera and did all the testing “live” style. Take a look here to see how well the cable did!

The cable

I got mine from Aliexpress (as I get most of my cables and gadgets). There are very cheap versions and somewhat more expensive versions of these “leather sleeved” cables. I got one that’s a bit in the middle of the price range.

Of course, there isn’t any real leather anywhere on or even near this cable. It does feel pretty nice, though, has a unique look and as a charging cable actually does very well! So if you are looking for a unique style cable, definitely consider getting one. Especially at the office, everyone is always borrowing cables and not returning them, now you can be certain it’s your cable!


Get one yourself!

If you saw the video, you by now know I liked it! So all I can advise, get one for yourself!

Be sure to also check out the graphs below.

MaoXin Original Literature and Art Cowboy Data Line, iPhone or Android, 1m

MaoXin Ichiban Original Snake Print Leather, iPhone or Android, 1m

 More product photos

It comes in a nice cylindrical box which can be re-used to store it!


Nice and sturdy metal plugs


The included strap finishes the whole package


Testing graphs

As always, voltage and Amperage graphs to see how well the cable did. It might look nice but if it’s a shitty charging cable, I really can’t recommend you getting one!

5v, No Quick-Charge

snake 5vWell, that looks very good. I actually didn’t expect that! Normally something that looks fancy and comes from china has a lot of sacrifices in the quality department, but this cable charges like the best of them, very nice!

9v, Quick-Charge

snake 9vUsing 9v QC2.0 we see the same as with 5v, little voltage drop and it handled all the Amps like a champ.

12v, Quick-Charge

snake 12v

And again at 12v we see the same pattern. It only drops about 1v and handles everything the charger can handle (more the double what QC2.0 must do) with ease.


Well, the conclusion can be quite simple, if you are looking for a bit more fancy charging cable then your standard white or black one? This is it, it charges just as well as a good cable but has the looks to match! Now you don’t have to worry about which cable is yours!

All I can say is, get one!


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