Home Networking: Seventh Walkthrough

We’re in the house and have settled down a little bit so it’s time for another walkthrough! This will be the last “overview” walkthrough for a while, time to focus on specific subjects!


Since this walkthrough is quite hard to do without moving pictures, here is the video!

Links mentioned in the video:

Ending remarks

As I mentioned, this will be the less “overview” walkthrough of the house. We’re now comfortably living there so I’m going to switch to making videos about certain subjects. I might do one in a year or so again to see what changed and maybe laugh about what isn’t finished yet? 😉

One thought on “Home Networking: Seventh Walkthrough”

  1. Kun je iets meer vertellen over het Honywell naregel system per kamer ?
    Hoe werkt dit in de praktijk met vloerverwarming.

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