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Sister website

I have noticed some people come here looking for my LED info. Although that is great, I have been creating a sister website called for the past year!

There you can find all the board designs, component lists but also everything you ever wanted to learn about LED strips, LEDs themselves, what to buy and what not to buy, etc.

So if you are looking for LED info, click here:

ESP8266 LED lighting: QuinLED soldering tutorial & Tools

After getting all the required components together it’s time to solder them onto the QuinLED board. I made a 30 minute video going through all the steps of soldering everything together trying to show that it’s actually quite easy to do so yourself!

This post also highlights on all the tools I use while working with QuinLED. I describe most of them and explain a little bit what I use them for. Continue reading ESP8266 LED lighting: QuinLED soldering tutorial & Tools