ESP8266 LED Lighting: Using QuinLED with Domoticz

Recently I finished the outdoor garden lighting, follow along while I make them QuinLED compatible and install them!

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Outdoor/Garden lights

One of the things I planned during the build of the house was to have some lights on the outside walls of the house. I finaly got around to hanging these up and made 2 videos about it!

The first video is mainly about how you can “modify” an LED light to be used with QuinLED:

The second video is about mounting the Cube LED lights to the wall and the end result:

Working great!

The lights have been working great the past few weeks and even during harsh weather and lots of rain they haven’t failed once!

The video footage was a bit overexposed so in reality they look a littl bit more dim then you see above. They do however provide a very nice mood and pathway light! Just don’t expect them to light up the whole garden, they won’t. 🙂

13 thoughts on “ESP8266 LED Lighting: Using QuinLED with Domoticz”

  1. Very well done!

    Can you publish the links to the DC-DC converter used and the lights itself as also done in your other posts?


    1. Check out the main topic and navigate to the hardware topic, there you will find everything you need. 🙂

  2. I bought 2 of these lights. When i connect the 220v, i measure 37 volt coming out of the driver.
    How come you measure 18v?
    Are they connected in a different way inside the walllight?

    1. Yes it seems they are using different COB modules then. I don’t think QuinLED OG is going to be handle the 37 volts. You can try but I think it might fry the DC-DC converter on there.

      I am working on new designs of which one can handle up to 50v, that might be an option then. Those haven’t been released yet (I’ve talked about them on my YouTube channel already). When they are, I will update these pages also.

  3. ok, i have other buck converters, that go up to 40v.
    Only problem is they dont fit the board. Not a real big problem, as they are not visible anyway.

    1. The one’s I got where 6w total I believe. They don’t produce a ton of light but look very nice as accent and path lighting around the house. Still a bit more watt would have been nice for the versions I have, so maybe the ones you might has a stronger COB LED in side of it. 🙂

  4. These leds can driven from 300-500 ma at 10v, that’s why i measure 18v.
    Driver delivers 220ma, that makes around 500ma at 9v.

    So i can feed them 300ma at 12v also

  5. I’ve got a problem with my quinled. It runs perfect on 12V ledstrip but when I want to connect this gardencube with 18V my quinled doesn’t respond. What can be the problem?

    1. That’s odd, I’m doing exactly the same and that works fine. Did you check my garden lights video? What kind of power supply are you using?

    1. That is the right converter, maybe you have a broken one, I have had that in a few cases. But anything from 6.5v to 28v should work fine (unofficially I even run these at 36v!)

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