LANparty: CampZone 2017 Behind the scenes

Recently we finished another LANparty, this time it was CampZone 2017! I decided to record some footage at CampZone and do a behind the scenes video, take a look!


Well, not much more to be said then go watch the video!

International visitor incentive

For international visitors we have a special incentive that if they can show their plane ticket and boarding pass we will give them a special discount! Get into contact with the CampZone organisation through their website to get all the details:

CampZone 2017 background pack

I made several backgrounds of CampZone 2017! People wanted to download them so I have shared them here so you can use them on your own computer!

Take a look below where you can also download them individually! (All images are 4K or bigger in size!). Click on the little magnifying icon to get the originals!


If you ever have any questions about CampZone or the technical side of things, drop a comment down below and I’ll try and answer it!

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