Full-Load Review: Powstro 5v 2.2A with display (HKL-USB39) phone charger

Today we’re taking a look at the Powstro 5v 2.2A phone charger with 2 normal charging ports and a display which shows you the current output voltage and amps!

Video review

As always there is a video review where I live test the charger and figure out the maximum load it can handle, what temperature it gets and other characteristics about this charger:




Graph Measurements

Since this charger reached its maximum output of 2.2A using only one port and supports nothing advanced like quick-charge or anything else, there was little use doing more than one measurement!

As you can see from the graph, this is a very basic and average charger. Voltage sags a bit but stays ok for the most part and it’s able to handle the stepping up amperage up until 2.25A which is exactly what it’s rated for.

As you could see in the video, when overdrawing this charger it kind of “crashes” and I would have rather seen a sort of hiccup mode other chargers have to more clearly indicate there is a problem.

Shopping links

This charger is available from several different brands which all probably use the same OEM manufacturer. I chose the Powstro version because it seems to be the most common. Take a look here if you would like to purchase these chargers:

Powstro 5v 2.2A, 2 Port with display

USAMS 5v 2.2A, 2 Port with display

SOONHUA 5v 2.2A, 2 Port with display

CHOETECH 5v 2.2A, 2 Port with display

And a few others…. 😉

Power Measuring

If you want to buy the equipment I’m using, take a look at the following links:

USB Extension cable

AC Socket Measuring

PR10-C EU16A Power logger

USB Measuring

Fancy USB power logger with bluetooth and software

Simple USB power logger

USB Load

Fancy USB Load with logging and app

Simple USB variable load


All in all it’s a pretty average charger. Looking at the price though, it’s cheap (~5$), performs ok and comes with a new screen which does show accurately if your device is charging and how fast.

I said in the video that I don’t recommend it and while I stand by that, this isn’t a bad charger or something you should avoid either. It was able to supply the 2A load with more than 10 minutes without the charger getting very hot or nasty noises. So if you don’t expect too much (wanting to charge 2 phones at the same time for instance) it does ok.

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