Ultimate Overkill Desk Project

Welcome to my “Ultimate Overkill Desk” project! It’s basically what it says, I’m building a new desk for in my office and it’s going to be total overkill in all regards, including custom cable ducting and integrated LEDs!

Series start

This post highlights the start of this series, I wanted to have a place to gather all the videos and other material I might want to present to people.

I’m going to try and document everything as best I can so that other people who might want to do something similar can use that information!


Most of this series will be done in the form of videos, you can find them here:

Introduction video

Second video: Drilling, painting and hanging

Other information

No other information besides the videos right now, but this post will be updated!


None yet, let’s hope this becomes the most awesome desk ever! đŸ˜‰

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