Bunnies do not like UTP cables

If you have seen some demo clips I have recorded over the last few blog posts you would have seen I use my bunnies as ‘test subjects’. Today, they retaliated…

A few days ago I mounted one of my test camera’s in my backyard to test some new TimeLapse stuff and truth be told, my cable routing leaved something to be desired, but I thought it would be okay for a while until I had time to do it better.

So let that be a lesson to you all. Your bunnies will eat your UTP cable if they can even reach a little bit of it. They want it, they like it and they will destroy it.

The last image the camera recorded was the following (The TimeLapse was taking a snapshot every 15 minutes):

They are looking very innocent there, nomming away on cameras cable!

Now I am just left wondering, since passive POE was running over this cable, did the bunnies get zapped? 😛
They seem to be all happy any everything like normal, I guess we will never know. 😉
(The new TimeLapse method will be added sometime soon)

One thought on “Bunnies do not like UTP cables”

  1. Bunnies somehow don't get affected by even power cables (220V).. I know from experience, since we had a bunny in the house as pet. She ate both my utp and power cables.

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