New Firmware Version for DM368/DM365 DSP IP Camera

Someone made a comment on my original post about the 5Mpix TI DaVinci DM368 DSP camera that tpsee (the internal board manufacturer) has released firmware for our cameras. I believe that to be worthy to open a new topic for!

update– A word of warning: It seems the cloud functionality is still expanding and it now actually works. This would be great, if it was possible to disable this function, but it is not and per default EVERY camera is accessible from the outside of your network when they know the device ID! Very VERY bad! A watchful reader made me aware of this fact, much gratitude!
If you decide to run the P2P intergrated firmware, but sure to realize what this means. Anyone in the world can watch your camera, I would advise to only use it if you can block/drop it with your firewall.
–update I have made a new post about firmware version which was recently released. I will keep this post alive because there are a lot of valuable comments in here! If you upgraded, please comment in the newer post!

First thing you notice after having upgraded the firmware (all settings where kept) is that the login screen has changed a bit:

Green, but best of all the TAB key now works for switching between Username and Password! 😀
Clearly showing version build 2013-10-24
As with all firmware, no change-log is presented so what changed can only be guessed. Feel free to let me know about your suspicions in the comments below!

POE 4MP Mini Size Onvif IP Camera PTZ speed dome 20X optical zoom with 60m IR

One thing that did catch my eye was something new called “Cloud Login Status”:
It says it’s status 1 and gives me a DNS name. Since the website is probaby hosted in China it was a bit slow to respond, but did come up after a while.
 You get presented with the ability to register a user and when you do you can add your cameras

When you do it gets listed and some information is shown
From the looks of it, the service/website is not completely finished yet. When you for instance click on the “Device Type” drop down box it clearly shows all kind of names used for testing purposes. Also, I could not get a picture from my camera and most other functions didn’t do anything either.
But, potentially this could be interesting. If the cameras could report themselves to a global system from within the firmware and you could view them live or even do alerting that would be awesome. No more need for having computers running 24Hrs a day for a simple setup, etc.
But, right now there doesn’t seem to be an “off” button for the camera NOT to login to this cloud stuff. That I believe to be a bad thing because while the service might potentially be great, I would always like to option of using it or not.
Other then this all is working as it was before, you can find my self hosted downloads here: firmware_TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.0.0_20131024190214.bin as always you can also find the extracted control utility for people who are having trouble installing the tool: tsconfigipc.7z it is now at version
Let me know your thoughts about this or what you are able to find out about the new firmware in the comments below!
–update– 2014-09-16
Firmware is still coming out and since a little while datacompboy is actually recompiling the firmware and improving upon what tpsee (the board manufacturer) is actually making. You can download his newest version from my FTP site here: Version
Remember, if you are unable to upgrade, drop your resolution from 5Mp to 720p because the 5Mp mode probably uses too much memory.

104 thoughts on “New Firmware Version for DM368/DM365 DSP IP Camera”

  1. The firmware update seems to have resolved the 'random' dropouts I was seeing in the video using blue iris and milestone. I just put a bogus gateway in the network config so it is unable to get to the internet. Works great if you have a system on your LAN to connect to, ie blue iris or milestone etc.

  2. My actual File System is T38F006-ONVIF V2.4.6.2 build 2013-05-31 11:50:37
    Web Control Version TSConfigIPC V1.0.3.2
    Kernel Linux 2.6.18_arm_v5t_le

    May i update to TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.0.0_20131024190214.bin too?
    What does that P2P in the Filename mean?


  3. I have 4 cameras EC-IP5912P with t38f v.2.1.0 firmware. To update firmaware to 2.5.0 you first need firmware_T38ABFG-UPDATE-V2.4.2_20121220190811, and then you can update to firmware_TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.0.0_20131024190214

  4. It still use outdated version of LIVE555 streaming server, and still have problem with crash of streaming server and with episodical disconnects 🙁
    i'm trying to contact with manufacturer to get fix of that problems.
    some part of investigation you can find in my post there: (in russian)

  5. I have every 2 minutes falls off from NVR Registrar (taiwan)… and once again connects… constantly…
    who knows why??? several cameras at TI (5912, 5814, 5815). firmware 2.5.0. put here

  6. Have you tried switching the stream to UDP and other fixes (lowering bitrate below 3000, etc.) as I have mentioned in other articles? I am able to stream for multiple days without drops or issues using VLC or Genius Vision, etc.

  7. That would be great! Although my streams just work using UDP. VLC, Genius Vision, xsplit (which does NOT reconnect if the stream breaks), etc.

  8. I am using several of these cameras with the Linux Motion software.

    I too noticed the traffic to China. I got around this by using another Ethernet port and just hung all the cameras in a subnet off of this port. Since the forwarding feature is not enabled, the cameras have no way to get out.

    Some of the ONVIF functions can be invoked from the command line with the curl program. From this I was able to query the camera.

    So for example, here is the command to get the device profiles by sending the contents of a pre-written file with the SOAP XML as the contents.

    $ cat getProfiles.xml

    $ curl –data @getProfiles.xml |xmllint –pretty 1 –

    … Lots of XML output …

    So, a little complicated, but not too bad.

    In the end, what I discovered is that to access the camera, you had to first invoke this GetProfiles function. This returned a profile name.

    Then using the profile name, it was possible to use the GetStreamURI and GetSnapshotURI functions to obtain the URLs at which the camera would respond with either an RTSP video stream or a JPEG image snapshot. These are as follows:


    The other key piece of information was the size of the image. This was found in the profile information and was as follows:

    Here is the thread config info for Motion.

    width 2048
    height 1536

  9. In the last post, the XML did not paste in correctly.

    I guess they are trying to filter out XSS.

    You can find the XML example in the ONVIF programmers reference manual in the examples in the appendix.

  10. i want to change my TS38ABFG V2.0.0, build 2012-01-07 to v2.5.0. but when i install v2.4.2 to v 2.0.0 it says do i change my v 2.0.0 to 2.5.0
    pls help

  11. hello folks,
    i've a question about our cam. I actually use this firmware (firmware_TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.0.6_20140126120110.bin), but i can also change to an older one if necessary.
    Is it possible to connect to our network camera with ssh / telnet?

  12. try resetting your cam to "factory default settings". but rememberg, that the ip is now again
    then try update your firmware.
    i tried it the first time without resetting and it failed. after resetting to default settings it worked.
    good luck.

  13. no, stock firmware doesn't have any telnet/ssh server in its firmware. if you really required in, i could create firmware for you with ssh onboard

    1) v2.0 >>> v2.2 >> v2.4 >> v 2.5
    thanks for all previous firmware on website…

  15. hi and thanks for your reply.
    wooow. that would be nice – but not necessary for life going on.
    so if you will do – thanks.
    if not, also ok. i've no idea to do it for myself and i dont know how many work it is for you.

  16. Is it possible to increase the number of motion detection areas – 4 * 4 is not enough. 8 * 8 would solve my problems.

  17. Hi, I have an COTIER IPc-651/T13 CMOS 1.3MP with TS38RS-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.0.0_20131024190718 firmware. Is there possible to get newer , maybe firmware version for this cam ? and If yes where ? I can't find it. Thank you !

  18. when alarm was triggered, i didn't get the email. I use google smtp (, port 587/465/995/25, SSL – enable… how make e-mail (or FTP) working on this firmware?

  19. Thanks @datacompboy, works well.

    There are a few bugs I have found:

    – the timezone gets overwritten everytime time you save a change to the config unless the last change you make is the timezone (using NTP with timezone)

    – I can't seem to configure the motion detection zones, they just appear as horizontal lines

    – Day/Night IR switching still seems buggy, what setting do most people use?

    – Would really love to get SSH access!

  20. @datacompboy: What does the TCPFIX do? .

    I did buy myself (for testing purposes) a 960p HD cam and did find out that the image during daytime is ok and night time is worse compared to my Foscam 9831W.

    The cam identifies is self as: T38C-ONVIF-P2P
    And apparently have V2.5.1.0 build 2014-06-12 16:46:19 FW.

  21. I have the same issue, tried everything. I'm using TH38E-ONVIF V2.5.0.8 build 2014-05-26 16:18:50. Has anyone managed to setup gmail smtp directly from the cam?

  22. @datacompboy
    Actually, it have. To enable telnetd uncomment "inetd" in /etc/init.d/rcS and fix telnet entry in /etc/inetd.conf by replacing user "telnetd" with "root". Repack, flash, done. I'm basing this on TS38ABFG006 V2.5.1.5 image.

    BTW, your tools (tpsee_hack) ROCK. Huge thanks.

  23. I will soon update this article and my download site with the newest firmware! A big thanks to datacompboy he is making awesome steps and awesome firmware! 😀

    Also, I just ordered 25 new camera's with some new types and a 10x PTZ included. I will be publishing a new article about those! 😀

  24. Does you camera have a varifocus lens? Sadly, a lot of those are not very well IR corrected and thus will shift focus between day and night time. I don't use them anymore.

    Other then that, I do not know what kind of sensor is included in your camera. The 5Mpix sensors I normally are actually quite good for day and night!

    The TCPfix fixes some TCP handling that the original firmware is doing incorrectly.

  25. What changes brings new software?
    firmware_TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.1.5_20140821190333.bin-TCPFIX.bin (14837716)

  26. I'm pretty sure that in V2.5.1.5 (maybe earlier) support for RT3070 USB wifi modules is broken – it's there, but it won't associate with an AP. Just FYI for those who have wifi capable versions. V2.5.0.6 is the last known good version for me, but I haven't checked anything in between. (I'm speaking about the unpatched versions, but that shouldn't matter anyway.)

  27. I have problem my Internet Explorer 11 throw me a message :
    Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher.

    Can you help me to fix this problem ?

  28. Yeah, internet explorer kind be kind of tough in that regard. Mostly switching it into compatibility mode and/or lowering the security settings will allow you to download the required plugin and run it.

    Also, the blue line that you "the plug is not installed" you can click on it, or right click and get the link (and then download it with a different browser or directly) and install the plugin. After you install it that should just let you run it as a normal executable.

    Basically, the internet explorer settings are too strict to allow you to get the file when it tries to push it. Downloading it yourself is no problem though. 😉

  29. No varifocal lens. Just a CS lens, as I can see there are a lot of noise at night compared to the Foscam but the foscam only have like 5 frames/second.

    Thanks for the TCPfix explanation.

  30. Hi, Apologies if this is a silly question, but how 'transferable' are is this firmware?

    I have a ebay purchased camera that seems to use the same sensor and the screenshots are almost identical. My current version of s/w is:

    T38F006-ONVIF-P2P V2.5.0.8 build 2014-04-09 13:43:35

    Which I am assuming is Topsee firmware, but I can''t see anything on their firmware download page that might match what I believe to be the model number (T38F006)

    Can anyone point to firmware that would be suitable.


  31. Hi, is there anyway to save the recording directly to FTP server.
    I bought 4 of these thinking they can save video directly to FTP server.
    Now i am forced to buy a NVR

  32. This is one of the reasons I am looking at a firmware update. I too wish to save pictures on motion detection to a FTP server, the GUI seems to offer it and I can configure a FTP server but it does not seem to even try.

  33. just used you tpsee_hack and got the following error

    root@kali:~/Desktop/2# sh org.bin
    Extract header…
    Extract kernel…
    Extract filesystem…
    Unpack filesystem…
    root@kali:~/Desktop/2# sh org.bin.unpack test.bin
    Directory data: 20728 bytes
    Everything: 12700 kilobytes
    Super block: 76 bytes
    CRC: 17c5dc89 39: crc32: not found 54: crc32: not found 58: crc32: not found

    If i upload the new file "test.bin" the firmware upgrade fails

  34. I have to IP cams running. Both on firmware T38F006-ONVIF V2.4.4 build 2013-02-26 21:33:05. I tried to upgrade them to either or but I get either one of 3 error messages.
    1: Upload failed
    2: Upgrade firmware failed
    3: Upgrade timeout
    Any idea?
    I already tried factory settings as well as cam in 720p etc.

  35. HI thanks for the tpsee_hack. Have manged to turn on telnet on my cam but i would like to mount an nfs share and add it to storage for recording. Is it possible? is there some way to send tcp notfications upon motion detection?

  36. Hi,
    i have unpacked the firmware file and done a few mods.
    Now i want to change the following in the version info page from
    T38F006-ONVIF-P2P V2.5.0.8 build 2014-04-09 13:43:35

    to look some thing like this
    T38F006-ONVIF-P2P VcustomFirmware 2015

    which file should i edit in the firmware to accomplish this
    any help will be appreciated

  37. hi there,
    can i use this firmware an application(ipcfix/hack) for my chinese camera T38J3-ONVIF-P2P with firmware V2.5.1.5 build 2014-08-22 12:20:17.
    and can anyone help me bringing the mainstream from the camera to my synology nas? i only get the substream but that isn`t hd and i bought this camera due to its hd function

  38. Hello all!
    I would like to login on the camera Linux in order to see what is going on.
    putty with rlogin (513) and I am asked to give a user name. I have tried root and nd admin but no success.
    Motion alarm has never given any reaction.

    And thanks for keeping this Meeting Point alive!

  39. hi,
    i use firmware_TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.1.5_20140821190333.bin-TCPFIX.
    With this i can upload it to my local ftp-server (filezilla) and i there are no problems.
    but i don't use mation detection. i just upload every 12 minutes 1 picture.

  40. Anyone know the root password? Been running john ripper using GPU against entry in /etc/passwd for 2 days, nothing yet.

  41. It should be possible to disable the cloud service by removing /opt/topsee/seetong.flag file.
    unpack, remove file, pack, flash, enjoy 😉

  42. Dear all, can you please help with some advice?

    Currently I'm running T38F006-ONVIF-P2P V2.5.0.6 build 2014-01-26 12:01:08
    Which file can I use to upgrade my device to V2.5.1.5 ?

    Any replies appreciated!

  43. Hi,

    My cam Cotier-IPc-651/T13, I use T38R-ONVIF-P2P b V2.5.1.5. My cam uploads the pictures when alarm detected to my ftp server (Raspberry PI, Raspbian).
    Local storage enabled, and auto select. Strategy is overwrite when full. (there is no SD slot or USB in cam). But only the pictures, and I don't know why don't upload the video also.

  44. Hmm, I think I know now, because " (there is no SD slot or USB in cam)." so there is no proper sized memory for video capturing. 🙁

  45. Dear Sirs,

    I have a big problem with my camera that persist also after firmware updates!!!

    IPCConfig: Setting Failed!!

    So I cannot change anything on my camera!!!

    Can u help me!?


  46. Hello

    Could you please , help me with a problem I have with TV-653W/IP camera? I have two units of this camera, the first one, bought in february 2014 works Ok, and I can take screenshots using the commnad http://IP/snapshot.cgi.

    The problem is that with the second one , the referre command does not work. I have also included the login and the password in the URL and I always get the same error "HTTP Error: 407 Proxy Authentication Required".

    The problem is the updated version of the firmware? Is there another command for taking screenshots from the camera?


  47. I looked at the v2.5.1.12 firmware but they don't seem to be available for the TS38ABFG006 chip/firmware our camera's are running. The newest available I have been able to find is still v2.5.1.5. If anyone can point me towards a newer version I would gladly test it!

  48. Hello all

    I have 2 problems with my new fisheye T38HC12 camera (my-502 at

    1) the skyview is cut off at the sides (top/bottom mostly)
    2) I can not command the unit by CGI… (to make snapshots for example)

    Does anyone know the answer?

  49. Hi Guys…I'm from Brazil and bought some thousands of cameras that have modules from TPSEE, 1MP (HI3518C) and 2MP(TI365), and I'm trying to integrate with DIGIFORT surveillance system, some things we can do using ONVIF protocol, but my main need is use motion detection from camera, and DIGIFORT can't use external DLL they need to do direct communication with camera. I ask TPSEE for this documentation and get no response, I send a lot of emails and nothing. Is possible to get motion detect alarm using HTTP or TCP or something else?
    Thanks a lot for any help!

  50. Hy all!

    I bought a Haiwvision NVS-DM36X-HD ip camera, but i can't upload video to ftp when detect motion. I set the following(attache picture):

    I enable the alarm motion:

    I set to upload the video to ftp:

    Finally add the ftp server address, username, password and filepath:

    I dont know that the filepath format is correct. In my ftp server has the userfolder/Share2015 folder. If I write it to the filepath field not work the video upload. What is the wrong?

    Firmware: TH32E-ONVIF V2.5.1.12 build 2015-03-12

    Thank You.

  51. Hey, I have one Cam with "T38F006-ONVIF-P2P V2.5.1.8 build 2015-01-12 10:42:48". If someone could tell me how to extract the firmware from the cam, I would publish it here immediately (after testing).

  52. Yeah it would be interesting to get that firmware. It should at least feature the ability to disable their cloud platform! Sadly, I don't know a way to extract the firmware either. Hopefully somebody can find it somewhere!

  53. Sorry, that camera is of a different model and I don't know anything about those either. What we have seen before is that if the camera has no local storage (SDcard) it can't buffer video to then upload. Snapshots should work though!

  54. i found the firmware at . it is called 932B_TS38ABFG006-ONVIF-P2P-V2.5.1.8_20150112104249.bin. I installed it and it works fine. To disable the cloud function just type the "n" at the selection box (the pull down menu doesn't work but typing "n" does!
    I hoped the new firmware would give me a working onvif motion detection for my synology NAS. Unfortunately it still does not.

  55. Awesome! I hadn't been able to find it yet. I'll upload it to my FTP as soon as I get a chance so we can always get it! Thnx for letting me (us?) know!

  56. Hallo,

    I bought a IP Cam on rascctv. com, Model TH38M-ONVIF-P2P, but I have problems with rtsp stream. Web interface on IE is ok. Onvif Device Manager also cannot find rtsp stream. Is there someone with same problem?

    Greetings Mirk

  57. The TH38M is a different camera then we are talking about there. That might also be why the things you are trying to do are not working. Sorry, but I don't know how to help you with that.

  58. Sorry, but I don't. You'll have to contact the company who made or sold the camera. Personally, that's why I only buy ONVIF compatbile camera's, because then you can always find the RTSP URL easily.

  59. Hello,

    I am also in the same case that all I buys this camera for image quality, especially color, much better than FOSCAM W8904.
    The problem is that the FTP is not working and if records SMTP settings for the photo by email routing.
    I think the standard RTSP blocks the system and that the product is not suitable for monitoring of network hard disk.
    What regrets!
    If someone has found the solution to use this alarm mode camera image storing files on a network drive DLINK (via FTP) I'm interested.

    Pending read

    Best regards

  60. Thank you jean-rémy bouteillé,
    Could you tell me if I'm updating firmware I would get the FTP function?
    This camera use to me because I can only view images and not stored on my NAS.
    Thank you

    Merci jean-rémy bouteillé,
    Pourriez vous me dire si je fais la mise à jour du firmware j'obtiendrais la fonction FTP ?
    Cette caméra ne me sert à rien car je ne peux que visualiser les images et pas les stocker sur mon NAS .



  61. Unfortunately the firmware update does not change . I managed to activate the motion detection but sending to FTP and sending by mail , remain inactive . I also have a problem with the time that is constantly resets .

    Cotier 631/T13 HI3518E_TH32E-ONVIF

  62. Hi, Can anyone please tell me the firmware version which works with seetong and actually shows a picture not just a black screen.

  63. Hello. Can anybody have problam with update firmware? Now i have T38M-ONVIF-P2P V2.5.0.0 build 2013-10-31 16:08:05, i trying update firmware (trying many firmwares wich find in this website), but see only full Update Progress bar, and all… if i reboot page, i have the same version of firmware…

    1. The firmware listed here is only for the TS38ABFG006 type camera. It will not work on T38M based cameras.

  64. Hello
    I lost access to http. Cameras streamig well. Do you think they are hacked?

    WodSee is a scam. All people can access that cameras since they are fully open to cloud. Some can enter your camera, block http access, add extra user and voilla !

    Money scam is okay but technical scam is shit.

  65. Hi, My camera is stuck in a boot loop so i’d like to try sending it the factory reset command with the tool you have Remote Config in all your screenshots, but i can’t find this tool anywhere to download? do you have a copy? Thanks

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