Home Networking: Fifth Walkthrough

It’s already the fifth walkthrough of the new house! Lots has changed again and we are making great progress. This time I’ve even included some nice drone footage!

Where did all the time go?

It’s been quite a struggle to get this video shot, edited and put up. We’re now at the new house everyday, checking all the work that was done and doing work ourselves. We’re still on target though to move at the end of this year (2016!) so fingers crossed we don’t get any major setbacks!

Check out the video to see what changed since last time!

Video time & bonus drone footage

As always, the video will show you more then I can in a 1000 words, so take a look below. If you watch all the way until the end there is some drone footage of the house which gives you a really nice look at the house and where we are going to live!



The woodlook tiles are the Woodliving Rovere Scuro rettificato in 30×120 (R3ZY) from Ragno.

Links & End remarks

The following links are associated with the video:

Comments and questions are always welcome, let me know what you thought of the house and/or the video!

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