Home Networking: Simple Ryzen Proxmox server build (Fractal Design Core 2300)

A friend needed a simple machine he wants to use as a virtualization host. A true server grade machine wasn’t needed in this case so I built another Ryzen based server!

Video about the build

I produced a video about the build which shows all the components used and a timelapse of the build itself and the problems I encountered, check it out:

Hardware used

Completed build

If you need some extra SATA cables, check here. And don’t forget the zip ties!

Software used

This build was installed using ProxMox (website). It provides a nice web GUI through which you can manage virtualization using KVM and containers running on LXC.

Proxmox is based on Debian and it comes with ZFS out of the box! This build uses ZFS to configure the Mirror for the SSD’s (bootdrive and VM/container storage) and HDD.

For some more information about Proxmox and ZFS configuration, check out the following post!


The server has been running for a few days at the moment of writing and performance is top notch! Very happy with it overall, just those zip ties, maybe I’ll fix that in the future. 😉

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