Davinci Resolve Speed Editor not functioning (2024)

Davinci Resolve Speed Editor stops working

I’ve been using Davinci Resolve since 2022 when I switched from Vegas Pro 19 (crashing mess, can’t handle 4K with a few timelines) to Davinci Resolve. I’ve been quite happy with Resolve, it’s quick to use and has lots of functions (of which I don’t use nearly any at all).

I get my Davinci Resolve license by buying a Speed Editor, a little extra keyboard with a job dial on there which makes editing in Davinci a whole lot easier and quicker (even though I don’t use the cutting view and just the timeline view).

It’s a great little keyboard for a great price, but it really sucks when it stops working!

The Davinci Speed Editor keyboard

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DIY Cloud backup 2022 update

Update to the DIY Cloud backup project
2022 update!

In 2017 I built a DIY cloud backup solution (which you can find documented here). This has been running every since but somewhere end of 2021 I decided the used hardware could use a little update.

I’ve been trying to do a video series of basically a re-imagining of the project but I’m having a hard time following it through!

With this post video part 4 (and 5) are going to be released and we are finally heading towards the end of the project!

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Lots of External HDD on a single Power Supply

Sometimes you accumulate a lot of equipment in one spot that all runs on 12v. This can for instance be a rack with multiple switches and routers or, as in my case, 15 External Hard Drives, a USB HUB and some fans that all need 12v. To cut down on the clutter, let’s take out the 18 Adapters to run this and replace them with a single power supply.

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Chia farming info post

I’ve recently started farming Chia using a lot of harddisk space. To me it’s the ultimate system administrators crypto coin since it doesn’t use GPUs and there is a lot involved getting it to run quickly and correctly! This post will serve as an accompanying posts to my videos about the subject.

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4$ Xiaomi Temperature Sensor for Home Assistant

This article is a kind of follow-up on the one I did originally in 2019. ESPhome has improved a lot over time and now there are these 4$ Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensors that can be hacked and then work in the same way. The absolute best way to get per room temperature sensing into Home Assistant in my opinion!

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The video doorbell that does Home Assistant + NVR

I have been searching for a while to replace my current video doorbell solution. Integration with Home Assistant and my NVR software where key in this search. Things like ethernet and POE would be a great bonus. I think I’ve found it so let’s take a look!

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Innodisk 3TG6-P 2TB SSD Review

I was in need for some 2.5″ storage for an upcoming project and while looking around I wondered if 2.5″ SSDs has approached the price of physical disks. And while close, even QLC SSDs where still much more expensive. But on ebay I was able to find new 2TB SSDs for around 150$, still more expensive then spinning disk but interesting enough to try it out anyway, let’s see how well they perform! Continue reading Innodisk 3TG6-P 2TB SSD Review

IP camera ethernet water damage, how to repair

As some of you know, I have some IP cameras in my backyard. One of them went offline recently and didn’t come back online. Upon inspecting the connection point between the camera ethernet connector and the patch cable had completely fried because of water damage. Can this Dahua camera still be revived? Let’s replace the ethernet connector and see if it still works!

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